Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Strength in Hope

   You'll have to bear with me on this post. I'm writing on my iPhone in a coffee shop while waiting to go to work. Lately, I've been reflecting on how much I dread watching the news. When is the next tragic event going to take place? Sometimes, it feels as though another kidnapping, another shooting, another bombing happens every week. Just as we begin to recover from one painful event, another hits us in the gut. It's difficult to remain hopeful when it feels like we live in such a violent, hateful world. And yet, that is just what we need to do. We need to have hope that God will take care of all things; we need to keep up the hope that Christ has already conquered death and brought us to new life. It is no coincidence that the Cardinal virtues are faith, hope, and love. With these three things we can overcome any tragic event.

   Recently, I was reading a book and came across this quote which has given me much hope: "The most beautiful works have been realized during the most difficult periods of history. This is a matter of fact, and it gives the life to those who lose heart when faced with painful events." Blessed James Alberione said this, and it is so true! Alberione founded multiple religious orders, societies of priests, and organizations of lay men and women - collectively known as the Pauline family- during tumultuous times. He knew firsthand the struggle of keeping hope and continuing the work of the faith during difficult times. While he was founding these societies in Italy, both world wars took place, fascism overtook Italy and much of Europe, and times were rapidly changing. And yet, even in the most dire of circumstances, The Lord provides. He gives us the necessary strength and courage to be examples of good in a world that is seemingly littered with evil. There is a need for ever greater faith in the world today!

     In the darkest of times, the Light prevails. This sentiment is beautifully illustrated in a song by one of my favorite artists, King Charles. The song features vocals by Mumford & Sons, so if you like them, you'll definitely be hooked. ;) This song is called "The Brightest Light," and one of the lines really struck me- "The Brightest Lights cast the darkest shadows."


Wherever there is Truth, the devil will try to stop it. The most difficult times in history have produced some of the most wonderful examples of true faith and heroism. And in the end, the light will always overcome the darkness! How beautiful! I have to run to work, but let us take heart in these words from a recent homily given by Pope Francis:

    "The age of martyrs is not yet over, the Church has more martyrs now than during the first centuries...We pray to Our Lady to protect us, and in times of spiritual turbulence the safest place is under the mantel of Our Lady. She is the mother who takes care of the Church. And in this time of martyrs, she is the protagonist of protection: She is the Mother. Let us state with Faith: Mother, the Church is under your protection. Care for the Church." Keep up the faith, brothers and sisters! Know that you are in my prayers and please, keep me in yours. 'til next time! :)

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